Comment: Once again, Beck spent a big

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Once again, Beck spent a big

Once again, Beck spent a big hunk of his time whining about not being embraced by libertarian sorts. Once again, I was left with the impression that this man is more consumed with his social standing than in ideas.

I think that a great many folks who make being in the limelight their avocation, have similar tendencies. They are, at heart, people pleasers. Such folks can seem to lead, for a time, but their hearts are not in the ideas that, eventually, lead people. They crash and scramble. The good people pleasers measure they're failures and get behind the next real leader and find a new audience to please.

Beck, stop being a bad pleaser. Fall in line with the thought masters you're now claiming. You could actually do some good in your chosen realm. Book Ron, book Woods...your new masters. Stop playing woe-is me. Don't let your people-pleaser undies show. Get on with the pretense.