Comment: Martin Luther King said right before he was assinated that

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Martin Luther King said right before he was assinated that

Desegregation will make the black community poor and it did and that he was wrong his whole life in pushing for it and said he was against the civil rights act of 1964 because of this. protection of the environment is not a function that the Constitution allows the federal government to perform. The epa needs to be eliminated because it sells the companies permits to pollute that the companies then sell on the market and the epa is not authorized in the constitution and is not accountable to the people becuase the head of the epa is not elected by the people and the head of any governmental agency. Goverment agencies take the power from congress and give it to the executive branch. To address any possible pollution, private property rights should function in this aspect as no man has the right to pollute another person's land, water, or air. if government regulation of the environment were removed and ill environment effects were addressed on a private property level, then the cost of any pollution would be built into the cost of that particular energy model. The best energy model would then prevail and would be the one that best balances the cost to bring the product to market and the effects it has on the environment.