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Guess what. You physically walk into your house daily.

Alerting anyone who is nearby that it is your house. You get in your car everyday. I could watch you drive around, find out where you work, what you purchase, who you talk to. With some surveillance equipment I could find out your pin numbers, your social security number, your credit card numbers.

I don't even need the blessing of government to do that. Hell with their blessing the possibilities are endless.

I used to train in Jiu Jitsu with a DAE agent, and he would tell stories about the agency monitoring the entire lives of drug lords, and the drug lords would have no idea. The government knew what time they went to bed, what they ate, everything. No Bitcoins involved.

And guess what, the agent knew I did drugs. He would joke about me being stoned. I never told him any specifics about it, but he knew the gist of it. It didn't matter. I wasn't a threat to anything. Just like 99.9% of people using Silk Road.