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You're correct ramicio

In my haste, what I meant to say was that there are millions of illegal aliens from other countries as well. I'm sorry you didn't "get that", as what I wrote about there being "millions of nationalities" was ridiculous at best.

According to this: as of 2008, Mexicans made up 61% of illegal aliens in the U.S.
If that is true, then surely there are millions of illegal aliens here from "other" countries other than Mexico, no?
Also according to various different sources, Mexicans have been returning to Mexico in droves(self deportation), due to the economy. Feel free to look that up.

Now that we're clear on that, I think the REAL reason that MSM, the government, and "hate" groups, have shown a spotlight on "Mexicans" is because they ARE indeed the "MAJORITY" of illegal aliens.

A.) Sole reason that Mexicans are the majority compared to the rest of the world is that we share a HUGE land border with Mexico.

B.) Sole reason that Mexicans are the majority as opposed to Canadians is clearly economical.

C.) I also think that part of the reason that they have been "spotlighted" and "targeted" by MSM, the government, and "hate" groups, has also to do with the fact that they are gaining a lot of political and economic power in the states. Much in the same fashion that "WE", the liberty movement have been demonized and called "terrorists" and "racists", by MSM, Homeland Security(the government), and "hate"(black) groups.

D.) Many Mexicans do drain the system, but so do MANY other illegals that come from the rest of the world yet don't have to suffer the pointing of fingers from society.

E.) That's not to say that Mexicans also don't put in to the system, and pay taxes as it benefits BOTH them and the Government to do so. The FACT that MOST pay taxes goes widely unreported by MSM(sound familiar). We may want to ask ourselves why that is?

I couldn't agree with you more on your last two sentences.