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Comment: Demographics is destiny.

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Demographics is destiny.

I don't want them here at all--work or no work. Once they are here, they start thinking they are entitled, and have the numbers, to make demands, which is what they are now doing.

Bad. Don't like it.

They have a country of their own and should not be demanding things from us in our country, which they entered without our permission. Illegal alien Hispanics, and their fifth column of grown anchor babies, are basically feeling their strength in numbers now and becoming brazen. They feel they have a chance of co-opting and, in time, conquering (oh yes!) our country. Part of their tactics is guilt-tripping white folks, calling us "racist" when we have every right to defend our nation and territory from squatters and house-breakers (these are analogies--for those of you who are rhetorically impaired).

Wake up, folks. Do you want to be despised and unwelcome foreigners in your own country? It is already happening in MANY areas in many cities, large and small. When Hispanics become the majority, they will (and already do) discriminate heavily against non-Hispanics.

They will not reciprocate your oh-so pc generosity. Do you really want so badly to appear virtuous to your pc liberal friends that you are willing to hand over the keys to the kingdom--your home--to hostile invaders with nary a whimper?

Hispanics can be charming and hide it well, but yes, they are hostile and eager to take what does not belong to them. Heck, it is so easy with so many foolish, naive white people bending over backwards to facilitate their own displacement by helping out the foreign invaders. (They came illegally, remember.) How wonderfully Christian and virtuous of you (not)!

Sorry folks, but this is the oldest story in the book of history: wolves in sheep's clothing engaged in covert tribal warfare, conquest through numbers. Wake up, American people! You are enabling your own demise because you are too naive and idealistic and do not understand what human nature really is.