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Comment: ??????????????? I have questions ?????????????

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??????????????? I have questions ?????????????

You Said:

"The liberty movement must stop applauding Marxist gun-grabbers and embrace our true allies on the right if we are to get anywhere politically. I am aware many people on RPF have already woken up to this fact. Unfortunately, few have on the DP, which has a significantly larger userbase. I am aware many people despise "Zionists". I'm okay with that, even though I don't agree. But please, don't let that blind you into backing the radical far-left, even the Stormfronters don't do that. I fear many of these people may not be libertarians at all - they could well be a crowd from DU or RevLeft coming here to hijack our movement."

I have questions:

What is a Black National Socialist?

What is DU?

What is RevLeft?

What are the Stormfronters?

I have been a life-long straight ticket Republican. I am not a Libertarian necessarily because when it comes to abortion, I am pro-life and the last libertarian candidate for pres was not pro-life. I am pretty much a social conservative, however, I do not believe one can legislate morality.

I am concerned that "the communists" are coming, in the sense that there is a gun grab and the divide/conquer regiment has and is being used to divide the American people against ourselves. So I ask those questions of you because I would like to know what you are talking about. Really, I think I only saw McKinney when she was part of the 2008 debate or whatever it was that Ron Paul had for all of the minor parties after he did not get the nomination. I did not know about Ron Paul then and only saw that 2008 even last year. I am still learning about liberty.