Comment: Just watched the video in its entirety

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Just watched the video in its entirety

Don't forget that Glenn Beck has significant influence over the Neoconservatives. Him saying that he is changing his mind on things like the Patriot Act, wiretaps, and trusting the two party system will cause millions of people who follow him to rethink those same issues and more. I know a few Neocons right now who are starting to come around and Glenn Beck changing his tune is a big part of that.

We need to remember that people don't usually change world views over night. It took me a few years to fully transition from a dyed in the wool Neocon to a raving libertarian.

Glenn may or may not be telling the truth, but who cares? If he is spreading ideas of liberty to a group of people who normally would never give a true libertarian the time of day, then I call that a win.