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While those acts are immoral,

While those acts are immoral, the laws that punish against them are not considered moral legislation. I will say that you don't even need any law on the books and we could still have a justice system to punish people for such things. In every normal human it's ingrained from God (or nature, if that's your thing) that those things are wrong. Moral legislation is religion-based and goes after specific groups. Moral legislation creates crimes from actions that do not have a victim. In most of those cases the government tries claim someone as a victim just because an Orwellian "something could have happened to someone." Marriage being licensed is moral legislation. Seat belts, speeding, DUI enforcement, drug laws. Those are examples of moral legislation. The state arresting and charging two people consensually fighting into two assault charges is moral legislation. If you are victimized and refuse to press charges, but the state turns around and presses charges...that's moral legislation.

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