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Nice try, but fail.

He seemed to spend most of his time trying to convince a black audience to keep an open mind to republicans because of things that republicans over 100 years ago. It all sounded very fake. Maybe that's why he's a better politician than his father (and don't get me wrong, I do love Rand). His dad always seemed to be speaking off the cuff, genuinely telling you what he felt. Rand seemed to be trying to hit punchlines in a speech.

It appeared awkward when he tried to reference the name of an elected black politician and and blanked on it. When he was asked about the "two republican parties," he had a great opening to discuss how he's not trying to campaign for republicans but rather campaign for liberty (remember Ron Paul on Fox News after the debate telling Hannity et al that he's not running for "head of the Republican Party"?). Instead, he resorted to a bunch of BS blame game tactics talking about how bad democrats used to be towards black people. Really? The best defense you have of your ideas is to reference the crimes of politicians long dead over 100 years ago? How about reiterating your point about GOVERNMENT being the entity that repressed black people as an argument against increasing government?

I think it's unfortunate but, personally, he did himself and anyone associated with him a disservice. That is merely this one man's humble but objective opinion. I give him a ton of credit for trying to approach a demographic previously marginalized by and currently hostile to his party in a different way. When I started watching I thought "Ah, here is the way to do it. Reach out to group of college kids who happen to be at a predominantly black school... after all, at an institution of higher learning, you're likely to confront an audience that has no need for patronizing and pandering but only an objective dissertation of facts and logic." What does he do? He plays a weird game of 'which party has screwed you more' interspersed with some good points about the liberty movement.

...and begin the downvoting!

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