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Maybe, but God gets it....

"Also non-religious principles of morality. I believe morality is innate."

If it was innate, why did God dictate them to Moses?

"the Nazi's didn't believe in a free society."

That wasn't my point.... My point was that people can easily define "hurting other people" as moral, demonstrating humanity's inability to be an authority on morality.

"If God dictates people's lives then explain why he provided us with free will and a choice between heaven and hell"

Again, not my point.... My point is that God demands holiness because He is a holy God. Therefore He dictates what is holy and what's not -- not humans. Of course humans can choose to not follow God, but that doesn't mean God's demand for holiness will go unaccounted for.

"And explain why Christians rank homosexuality on a higher sin margin than most other sins."

God treats all sin the same, but different sin has different consequences, so we rank accordingly. How many cities were burned down to the ground by God for non-sexual sin? Also, homosexuality is unique in that people say it isn't sin. There's not a group out there going around promoting murder as a-okay (well, there are jihadists). But for some reason people think homosexuality is ok -- which is based only on human understanding of homosexuality, not Gods.

I just want to throw out out there that I hate pornography and all sexual sin the same, such as premarital sex between heterosexuals, etc. But people, for the most part know those are sins and accept it as sin. For some reason homosexuality is portrayed differently.