Comment: Repeal the 14th Amendment

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Repeal the 14th Amendment

It is in the destructive 14th amendment that brings into question our rights vs privileges regarding our status. If they use this argument that citizens have no absolute rights regarding the constitution its because they have changed your status from people to persons.

This argument can then be expanded to declare you have no first amendment rights, you have no fourth, fifth or sixth amendment rights. You have no rights at all merely privileges allowed to you by the federal(national) government.

No one can question the debt? Congress tells the states what to do. The congress can make laws to enforce the provisions. Notice Sec. One describes "privileges and immunities" but not rights.

Someone show me where in the constitution the power to make citizens of the states a citizen of another entity. In this case the United States.

The "civil war" changed everything.

We need a new battle cry. Repeal the 14th!

Oh Yeah. One more thing. Ron Paul would repeal it!