Comment: Hyperinflation is when your

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Hyperinflation is when your

Hyperinflation is when your money (currency), though you have the same number of "x", it becomes worth less. Bitcoin just saw a inflation of 50% as it lost 50% of its value.

Stores that accept bitcoins for payment, who do not IMMEDIATELY exchange those bitcoins for their local currency, just realized a 50% loss in revenue in ONE DAY.

A currency that experiencees a loss of value of 50% in ONE DAY is hyperinflation on par with any of the classic hyper inflated currencies most commonly talked about. I'd have to check the record one day inflation rate, its possible that bitcoin just set a record for loss of value in one single day...

In most hyperinflation scenarios people would seek to exchange their endangered currency for something of safety, such as precious metals or a foreign currency that is considered safer than their own. The ones who really suffer are those who continue to trade in the failing currency until suddenly it dawns on them, "its now worthless, nobody will accept them as payment for anything".

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