Comment: You misunderstand the game...

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You misunderstand the game...

Why would the CIA cutoff access to both personal enrichment and agency funding by busting drug buyers? Why would the CIA disrupt the bitcoin system when it can be used by them to make money?

Great Britain ran the global drug trade for centuries and used it to control entire nations and trading networks. The United States inherited that drug trade as Great Britain collapsed financially due to the weight of the empire at the turn of the 20th century.

US court records are overflowing with DEA agents getting to the top of foreign and domestic drug operations only to find the CIA running the show.

Local law enforcement runs and controls the drug trade in every city and town in the United States (I know this as fact from direct observation :p ). Cops love to do drugs just like anybody else. And they do them. And they get kickbacks for giving heads up to their favorite regional distributors and more local dealers. And they use the drugs to ply sexual favors from young girls.

The Govt doesn't want drugs illegal so they can save our children from the scourge of drugs. Drugs being illegal gives them vast power and a continuing source of wealth and political control. Cocaine and hookers and cameras control Congress. The controllers have control of the drugs which automatically gives them control of the hookers.

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