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It's a fine line he was trying to walk

I think this was a fair assessment as well but Rand is playing a different game than Ron. You're right a better approach from a liberty standpoint is what you suggest, saying he is for liberty first and party second and explaining how liberty is best for all individuals regardless of ethnicity. However take a step back. What is Rand doing here? This is clearly a presidential move. He's not just trying to educate and reach across to differing ideologies and voting blocks he is also in the middle of the republican national tryouts for the presidential nomination. The competition is fierce and he can't be seen as an outsider. The party is watching closely to see who will emerge to represent them. If they see Rand go out and totally ditch and diss the party, he's done in their eyes. But if he doesnt say anything he loses his audience because he and they both know the republicans have some serious problems. So it's tough.

I think Rand balanced the requisite amount of cheer leading for the party with acknowledging its flaws and explaining how he is different and his philosophy is different. Could have been better I agree, but a solid 8/10.