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is the operable word here. He SAYS he is ready to learn and move towards liberty. Well that remains to be seen. I welcome anyone sincerely moving towards liberty. I'm skeptical of anyone who up until recently (and even now occasionally) was an open and belligerent enemy of liberty and liberty candidates saying all of a sudden that he's changed and seen the light. That doesn't necessarily mean I think he has an opportunistic ulterior motive behind the change, just that I don't trust him. Time and his actions will tell if what he SAYS matches up with what he does and he can be trusted. I don't begrudge him the opportunity to prove that and he's certainly WELCOME to try and learn to be more libertarian. That's wonderful. I wish him the best in that endeavor. I just don't take it at face value and won't trust or respect what he has to say until he proves he's the real deal. To be fair I put anyone speaking in the name of liberty to the same standard. Do their actions match up with their words? yes? no? ok then I know how much to esteem what they say. I'm especially wary of those who have done considerable damage in the past. Everyone should have the chance to redeem themselves. The only question is not whether he has( because he hasn't) but whether he will. Good luck and welcome to him if he is sincere.