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Might as well lay down and let China tickle everyones ears and bellies.

The West has made China what it is through the sweat of taxpayer dollars and now it seems they are going to stick it to everyone. I will not understand how incredibly stupid everyone for the most part has become. 50 years ago people would not stand for such BS.

China is on the hook for hundreds of billions in pre PRC issued bonds to Westerners for mega projects in the 30's and has no intention to honor these debts. Russia honors USSR debts.

China poisons us and our pets and trades garbage products and commits espionage, hacking, and pollutes the planet amongst other transgressions. Meanwhile, everyone is supposed to love it.

This will no doubt get downvoted imo ....yay go team

This is in no way an indictment of the avg Chinese who is just striving to eke out an existence.