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Brother, I'm happy it changed

Brother, I'm happy it changed your life. But many other things, like diet, exercise, reading a book have changed people's lives in the past and there is nothing mystical about those.

My father's sister was born without a thyroid gland and doctors were too late to diagnose so she never advanced beyond the mental age of 3. She is mostly happy and smiling wherever she goes, living in the present moment. But you would not want to be like her. Our forte as human beings is to think ahead and think back.

Many years ago when I was into this kind of stuff, my father would stand on his head and meditate (Shirshasan). I used to think, he must be wandering the dimensions of space and time leaving his body behind. Once I asked him. He literally burst out laughing and said that he just organized his day ahead while he was doing that asana.

May I ask what science has proven over and over again? The problem is that science says one thing and people extend the concept for it to mean absolutely anything. Then it remains no longer science but is called pseudoscience. So yeah, what is it that science has proven again and again?