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"Inflation is the result of

"Inflation is the result of an increase in volume of any given currency that ultimately leads to a loss in value of that particular currency when compared to other currencies / prices off goods and services."

Are you suggesting that this is not exactly what has happened with bit coin?

The increasing prices/loss of value actually requires more than just an increase in volume of a currency. For example in the a currency can be largely increased, but if there is also a large increase in users of the currency there may be no inflation, and the users can even out weight the currency increase resulting in falling prices/increased value in the expanding currency. The currency may go into savings, out of circulation, preventing or postponing the resulting increase in prices (this is likely what is being seen with bitcoin, and "holders" (savers) bring the currency into circulation by selling or to put it another way, buying dollars with their bitcoins.

As an "increased volume of the given currency" (bitcoin) comes out of hiding the result is a loss of value.

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