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Comment: Of course!

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Of course!

Atheists may in fact be better patriots in many cases, as they do not split their allegiance between their country / desire for Liberty for all and their respective deities / religions, the latter of which often inspire prejudice and exclusion. And prejudice / exclusion = a lack of respect for others' Liberty = false patriot (LOL! Sounds kinda like a *false prophet*.)

Obviously, there are religious people who are fantastic patriots, and that is to be respected... and, frankly, where would we be without them? (In even sadder shape I should think, as they are some of our best leaders).

But listen: this subtle / not so subtle Christian Jihad bullshit has to stop! It is distracting and divisive to our shared goal (which rhymes not surprisingly with *troll*).

: )

What would the Founders do?