Comment: We should welcome Beck with

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We should welcome Beck with

We should welcome Beck with open arms but keep pushing him in our direction. I remember when I first got the "liberty bug" when I saw Ron Paul at the first Republican debate in 2007. But I also remember what my views were BEFORE I saw him. I was hoping it would be a McCain/Giuliani ticket!! Looking back on it I can't believe how out to lunch I was! But it's what I used to think before I "woke up".
All we do all day is rant and rave about how we need to "wake-up" people in America and around the world... Well... we've woken up Glen Beck, and what do we do?? We push him away. What are we retarded??? Come on guys!!!! This is our chance to have a really big name media personality on our side! What are you upset about? We've all changed our views in the past!!! Maybe those who are already "awake" and are pissed at Beck need to take a pill.