Comment: Well, y'all knew it was coming: MADCOW's smear response

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Well, y'all knew it was coming: MADCOW's smear response

vs. Rand's AWESOME speech & completely free-wheeling Q&A at Howard U:

Lest some of y'all forget, her entire adult career was based on the fact that her illustrious Oxford Scholarship was funded by one of the most racist colonialist to have ever lived: Cecil Rhodes, her entire life is funded by salary checks from GE, the 51% owner of Comcast-MSDNC, who makes living off of the war machine and bomber engines, and missile and guidance components, oh yeah, while poisoning the Hudson River, Fed bailouts, corporatist contracts, corporatist fascist energy operations, yet she has the gall to talk about hypocrisy and feigning indignance over nuances that she CLEARLY intellectually 'gets' (hey even that lady from MSDNC Bashir's segment from Grio knew to distinguish that as she repeatedly stated "...well in libertarian circles"), but intentionally Machiavellianly spins and omits to simply call property rights, state's rights, individual rights, as racist.

What a F'ng ....!!!

This is the most disgusting malicious sociopath even by LINO 'standards.'

MADCOW wholly disgusts me, even more, because her recent book
"Drift" was even featured on DP frontpage!!!
, as IF she were actually sincere in her overtures to anti-war, peace coalition contingent, when she literally works FOR the warmachine, only critique the regime from a safe confines of an 'immunity box'; she cheers on the warmachine by seemingly obsessing over 'details' for the gullible on red herring issues. And even when she finally covers 'important issues,' what good is it when it's all passed? Like got Syria? Yemen? Torture? AfPak, much??

It's like, WHO THE FCUK CARES if she pretends to care AFTER enough body count has been amassed, all the while cheering on from the sidelines???

She is the most despicable among MSDNC creatures. It's high time, for those who actually occasionally fall under her spell, make no mistake: she's NOT 'coming around' on anything.

She is the worst among them, because like oBUSHma, while it's obvious to anyone paying attention, but to most sheeple, she's a 'sophisticated' and subtle propagandist who you almost forget she's lying to you, with deftness. She is the most dangerous type of political assassins and MSM mouthpiece for the Ruling Class.

Want more? I did a whole spiel when her book Drift was featured on FrontPage here awhile back. If you're not familiar with her real background, research her deeper.

I know of her because I followed her from her days as a sidekick nobody with a simple pedigree as the agreeable gay Rhodes Scholar on the fully CIA operation: Air America Radio.

Just remember, it's MADCOW who DESTOYED the Ron Paul R3VOLution to Anti-War left coalition from growing when she maligned Rand ON THE NIGHT of his primary victory: I literally would not be surprised if she actually in fact IS CIA.

MADCOW always knew about Dr. Paul's 'newsletters' controversy, but all those yrs of interviewing him on and off on cordial terms, she NEVER ONCE brought up 'her issues' with Ron on the newsletters, nor the nuances of Civil Rights Act? Oh really? Anyone who actually thinks she 'just' found out about it, when Rand won the primary is truly delusional. She has an entire media research team, and frankly if any of us can parse and discern truth from propaganda with a few mere keystrokes, how hard does it have to be for a bunch of delusional political science major gnomes working for her who are plugged into LexisNexis with MSDNC's rather deep pockets??

The ONLY reason why she held off on 'reporting' on the newletters was to time it: she built rapport with Dr. Paul the elder over the years as one of the most friendliest of all MSM hosts amenable to entertaining his 'quaint ideas' on peace, freedom, and economic prosperity. That is why Rand even had a platform to speak to liberals on his primary win night, so much so, he announced his intent to run as a senator on MADCOW's show, along with being maneuvered into putting having his entire campaign destroyed before even it had a chance to take off, post-primary win, ON the SAME show!

Anyone not see the obviousness of what she did? Even among some of us, they're so genuinely sincere that they often mistake willful malice, as unintentional, or stupidity. Make no mistake, MSM 'liberal' media operators are NOT your run of the mill mindless statist drones: they're sophisticated malicious political propagandists. Not stupidity, Willful Malice. Just be mindful of that.

This is why any remote facsimile of her visage even when skimming through headlines turns my stomach.

Why I hate her more than anyone on MSM is precisely because she really sucks in the worst of among the gullible sheeple: the latte sipping hipster wannabes, delusional soccer moms, and grannies who get their 'alternative' kicks by watching 'news' from someone in the LGBT community and makes them feel smarter by proxy because their willful propaganda is coming from the mouth of a Rhodes Scholar.

People like her are literally destroying the Republic and society as awhole; when your entire non-first person reality is being informed by lies all day, with parallel history of those who bother to find out reality vs. those who still live under the delusion that modern MSM have honest intentions of telling the truth, you become a willful or unintentional useful idiot participant in destruction of your own society. And it's only accelerating.

And in case y'all needed any proof that MSDNC is a 100% propaganda arm, a recent media study concluded that indeed, MSDNC outfoxed even Faux'News': EIGHTY FIVE PERCENT of their broadcast is pure opinion, not news!!!

Read it. Remember it.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul