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Comment: Sometimes for the general

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Sometimes for the general

Ok, I'm just editing my post to clear up a point. Our caste system is around 4500-5000 years old and may be older still. It is not hidden as it is embedded into your last name. It is EXTREMELY uncommon to marry outside your caste.

Till very recently caste was a very good indicator of socioeconomic status, till affirmative action changed things for the better.

Despite that caste is ubiquitous though we are doing our best to get rid of it altogether, at least in my generation, it still matters, especially in the context of marriage.

So don't think I'm discriminating, it is simply a fact of life.

Sometimes for the general good, you put aside philosophy look at reality.

Scheduled castes and tribes ( for clarity's sake) were oppressed for millenia, and it was understood that simply freedom without affirmative action would not be the solution.