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Yes, she is happy within

Yes, she is happy within herself because due to physiological restrictions, her mind ignores complex phenomena. My sister and I used to sit together and make hundreds of sketches of flowers and animals for her to color.

That is in the past and those are good memories. I love the past and I look forward to the future (most of the time). Whereas you would have me walking around with a stupid smile on my face admiring every blade of grass.

Sorry my friend, that is escapism. Hundreds of foreigners come to stay in ashrams here and what brings them here is not truth, but desire to forget. I do not begrudge them that, only to avoid dressing it up as the ultimate reality.

You can't quote them all but you can quote one or two surely. Please do present them. I may have strong opinions but if there is compelling evidence I have no problems changing my mind.

*Hearsay and divine inspiration do not comprise compelling evidence.
*Nor does complexity.
*Nor do ancient books.
*Nor do metaphorical allusions that may or may not relate to tenets of modern science.