Comment: SMH - There you go again, making assumptions

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SMH - There you go again, making assumptions

When did I EVER say that I "hated" the haters? As a matter of fact I love them. Really, I do! I even "LOL" at the end of my comment, so why the assumption 4Vijay? Why so defensive 4Vijay? Did I hit a nerve 4Vijay? Is your conscience bothering you 4Vijay?

So I'm "wrong" for calling water "wet"? Or a "spade" a "spade"? Are you really going to outright deny that people have been hostile towards me on this thread and have resorted to name-calling? What would YOU call that? The words "petty" and "childish" comes to mind, but that's just one of many.

"Then don't label others."

Why how Libertarian of you! Oooops, sorry! I just labeled you didn't I? Sorry buddy, but YOU can't tell ME what to do. If you want to try and CENSOR me, then may I suggest you speak to Mr. Nystrom, or the mods.