Comment: Welcome to the garden, grasshopper.... lol!

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Welcome to the garden, grasshopper.... lol!

HAARP - to start to feel less freaked out about it, subscribe to Suspicious0bservers" youtube channel - that is a zero on "observer." I learned about HAARP years ago... Had a "crazy" friend tell me about it long before I woke up. I ignored her silly ass, of course... Then I woke up, dug into it, started watching the magnetic induction page, saw all these correlations! It freaked me out! Could they cause earthquakes? Mass headaches? After a couple months just watching his daily "spaceweather" forecasts, I understand what I was watching a LOT more, and it is far less scary with a little knowledge. Mind you, I am NOT saying they are not up to evil with it - I assume they are up to evil at every opportunity... But as you say, spread knowledge, not fear.

Next, Rev Michelle... she uncovers interesting things, but she does not seem to understand what she is looking at much of the time. When people explain to her, she ignores it and carries on with her pet theory as if no new information had come her way. I do not trust people like that. Want to gain my trust? Admit your mistakes. She fails that test.

You linked a video with the TITLE "end of the world March 2013." I wonder why you even watched it in April... People who put that sort of title on a video are looking for shock value, not dissemination of truth.

Last but not least, you link to a 2.5 hour video called "The Destruction of America." In that time, you could have easily worked up a nice 2 x 2 garden plot, and thrown some spinach, lettuce and radishes in there. Most of us at the dailypaul are aware that all that is good, including the Bill of Rights, are under direct attack right now. We don't really need a 2.5 hour lesson in the problem, we need to BE the solution.

I am not trying to belittle your fears, when I woke up I literally shook for about three days. I am trying to help you get past them. One of the things the elite have done is paralyze us with fear of their omnipotence.... but their power is an illusion propped up in part by our attention tot heir illusion. Once you know what they are, stop being part of their crap.

Here's a video for you, if you need "entertained:"

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.