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It collapsed.

No, not the skyscraper in Chechnya. A 16-story residential building in Dar Es Salaam.
But unlike the case for WTC Building 7, which allegedly collapsed of its own volition and, according to reports, caused no loss of life, eleven people were held responsible for the 36 deaths in Dar Es Salaam.

I can't think of Bldg 7 without recalling Barry Jennings, the Deputy Director of Emergency Services Department for the New York City Housing Authority - who survived the multiple explosions before the building's collapse, stepping over dead bodies in the blown-to-bits lobby as he fled the building after his rescue - who then died two days before the final NIST Report on WTC7 was released. May his soul rest in peace.

Tanzania: Eleven Charged in Dar es Salaam Building Collapse

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