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Comment: To Endure

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To Endure

I have a slightly different definition. To tolerate is to endure someone else's lack of civility. It is also a measure of ones ability to endure pain.

What I believe we are seeing today is that our ability to suffer evil, while evils are sufferable, is quite diminished. Oddly enough this natural intolerance is being directed at each other rather than the ones who are causing by far most of the evil, our Gov't Officials.

It is not Our Gov't, it is those who hold positions in Our Gov't that our intolerance needs to be directed at. Now as a card carrying Libertarian, I myself have taken an oath to not initiate Force to achieve political or social ends, but it does not mean that I don't reserve the Right to respond with Force when Force is being used against me, my property, or my loved ones.

While Liberty Lovers, Libertarians and Leaners, may disagree on which Liberties we most value, I think most of us agree that as long as others are not using Force to achieve their goals, Tolerance is a Virtue. When we tolerate Force to achieve Political and Social ends, Tolerance takes on a more Masochistic meaning.

I do not believe the Constitution is the Greatest gift to Humanity, in the same context it is the Declaration of Independence. It is the recognition that Humans will put up with a great deal, but when push comes to shove Love for oneself, family, friends, and community trumps tolerance.