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nope, nothing to contribute

but that always stuck in my mind that you called "truthers", not just Alex Jones, "Simpleton Retards" and this gem " FUCK ALEX JONES AND THE TRUTHERS. FUCK YOU WORTHLESS MOTHERFUCKERS. FUCK YOU. I HOPE YOU PIECE OF SHIT PARANOID FUCKWADS DIE WITH TIN FOIL STRAPPED TO YOUR CHILDRENS TEETH.", and now posting tolerance threads? Why can't we all get along? That post was about as intolerant as it gets. Truthers (probably) hold about 80% or more of your same views. Why alienate? Why be so intolerant?
As somebody (myself) that does believe there needs to be some truth in regards to 9/11, seeing this post, and rememberinig the other post just irritated me.Thats all...probably just early morning grouchiness on my part. Oh, and it was just January when you posted that "old sh!t".

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy