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Comment: You bring up some important points

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You bring up some important points

Many of those who are dependent upon Gov't are very likely to resist any change that would bring hardship upon them. It's kind of like kicking a child out of the house before they are capable of living on their own, you might kick them out, but they will either stay on your doorstep or result to immoral means to sustain themselves.

In Systems Engineering, specifically transitioning from one System to another, Organized Change Management or lack thereof is one of the primary reasons for failure. The Implementers often fail to recognize that resistance is common because change brings uncertainty, and uncertainty causes people to entrench themselves.

It is best to get your community (people affected by the changes) to Adopt the new system, rather than forcing it upon them. It is better to convince than coerce for long term success. This means communicating the disharmonies that are causing ills and how the new system will relieve the disharmonies.

The transition must recognize that not everyone will benefit equally at first, especially those in control of the current system. Most resistance will be from those who profit from the disharmonies. In our situation that is the Democrat and Republican Parties and all those who have been coerced to rely on them for various reasons.

The book "The Innovators Way" by Dunham and Denning is a great guide to getting people to Adopt Liberty rather than resist it.