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Comment: Mariah Carey, Paul McCartney, Moby...

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Mariah Carey, Paul McCartney, Moby...

Maybe in the same way musicians came together in 1985 for a benefit to provide famine relief in Africa, i.e. WE ARE THE WORLD [1], now this group of musicians [2]
will come together to sing the Obama Kid's song for a performance called FREEDOM IN AMERICA.

In fact, it would be appropriate to add some verses on how our FREEDOM FIGHTER president has already been "CHANGING IT AND RE-ARRANGING IT" towards that end. These verses could note the DHS list of activities to be reported such that could get you labelled a domestic terrorist, such as paying with cash, expressions of libertarian philosophies, homeschooling, et al, that concern our 1st Amendment rights; the campaign to abolish the 2nd Amendment, ratcheted up since the Sandy Hook incident; unreasonable searches and seizures such as via TSA gropings (even required removal of active-duty veterans' artificial limbs), along with thousands of cases such as what happened to Marine Brandon Raub, who was remanded to a psych ward over FB postings to his sister, an issue of 1st & 4th Amendment rights; the NDAA and infringement of 5th & 6th Amendment rights, such as re indefinite detentions and claimed right to assassinate American citizens without due process; the military and civilian casualties from wars & military engagements never declared by Congress; plus various other instances of the rights of Americans being usurped up to and including last week's signing of a spending bill with a rider giving corporations such as Monsanto the right to override the judicial system (although already 90% of soybeans grown in U.S. are genetically engineered, as 85% of corn).

The parents of the children performing the original song would naturally have front row seats at the performance.


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