Comment: It's not an easy article to read

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It's not an easy article to read

Maybe it's the truth about the issue, which is complicated, or maybe it's all the food for thought? There were some real solid nuggets of truth.. and there was that "silly" thought about a horror story being like class B hollywood movies. I've had thoughts like that too.. zombies.. walking dead people.. they even tell you "I should have died"..through technololy they live.

Stories like this always make me think of Terri Schiavo.. her family loved her, she had money in the bank to sustain her life support, but the husband was ready to move on with a new women.. and so Terri was starved to death.. it was cruel, and ironically, the only thing Bush did right (was wrong in that it's not the fed's business) but I was glad he tried to stop her death sentance.. her husband was done with her, so that was it. The world called Terri "brain dead" and cheered her death.

And so it has become this horror story of the "intellectual elite" of the death cult, who, despite elder abuse laws, fraud, and what have you.. are destroying lives.. age has alot to do with it.. too young are aborted, the too old or diseased with dementia, or cancer are too given to the machine that takes what it wants.. and now, I see it's looking at those who do legally, as to the "intellectual elite eath cult", only sick people do drugs, so, now they want to take away guns from those who are doing legal drugs.. so they can not defend themselves.. it's a horror movie all right.