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Comment: do we need to hear anymore BAD NEWS???

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do we need to hear anymore BAD NEWS???

There has been an industry, a profitable arm of info-tainment in this country for DECADES now, where WASTE, FRAUD, and ABUSE is given national attention and headlines to distract, disgust, and paralyze the public with a steam valve.

Stossel has made a career out of it...and he's filthy rich from many others can you name???

Statists are still in power, and central planners spend recklessly and govern our every move; now, they own our health care choices...

When are we going to break our addiction to this SOAP OPERA sensationalist news, that fuels outrage, yet NEVER shows up at the ballot box? Stop giving this ATTENTION, and let's get on with tearing from power and place ALL those who thrive by doing the public wrong!

Is anyone AWAKE? Does anyone know what we're supposed to be busy doing RIGHT NOW, 11 months ahead of the 2014 Republican primaries? Where is our umbrella Liberty Republican website for candidates, map of districts where we are targeting or running Ron Paul type Statesmen???

Enough with the BAD NEWS about how "the other half lives"; I thought this was a Revolution?

I'm getting ZERO RESPONSE to this, were we going to unite in Liberty, talk strategy, take seats, challenge seats...or...since there's no FOCAL point, no Ron Paul; we have nothing that unites us?