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Comment: Pervasive Victim Mentality

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Pervasive Victim Mentality

I think the truth is most are still caught in the victim mentality, and are not inspired to create what is wanted. Just complain about how bad things are (look at the popularity of AJ). Misery loves company.
To the mind it doesn't matter if the misery is that of a liberal complaining about there not being enough social programs, or the libertarian complaining about there being too many social programs. In either case we are comparing and complaining. Creating what is wanted is accepting the way things are, and then building what is wanted. Protests and petitions, in the end, only bring forth those exact things we we protected and petitioned against. We get what we think about. It takes hard work to focus on what is wanted. We tend to take the path of least resistance... So we avoid thinking... Avoid thinking about what is wanted. Complaining is easier because we are not the responsible party...