Comment: I looked into that.

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I looked into that.

You can't really "disinherit" people, you just don't include them in the will. Children often will challenge wills that exclude them in probate court and win, and an attorney child probably will. Also, those only apply if I die, if I am lucky enough to live to see it, they will attack me the first time I do anything that they can run to the court and show as "proof" of my incompetence - something crazy like speaking out against the police state....
If I knew how to protect myself, I would not have brought this up. From what checking around I have done, I am pretty well screwed. Truly, this is my effort to lay some groundwork to defend myself - I'll dig this post up and take it to court and say "She's been planning this for years." Lame, but the best idea I have at the moment.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked: