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I dunno, Ira, each person is

I dunno, Ira, each person is entitled to their own beliefs. I am not sure which is worse, this new-found Israel love, or the thing I grew up with which was Christians hated Jews because "we killed Christ". Both have and had nothing to do with the reality of God in one's life.
People are all nuts anyway. Israel can defend herself, just like the Jews ALWAYS have. The US was founded to have NO (that means NONE) entangling alliances with any country and now we are entangled with MANY. This is my belief. The fact that we give money to Egypt, which was always one of the worst enemies of the Jews is ridiculous in light of all these Israel firsters. But, just because Granger and who knows who else feel differently than I on this subject, is no reason to discount all the other good they may accomplish, IMO.