Comment: My condolences and empathy.

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My condolences and empathy.

I have lost loved ones to the incompetency of this system. It is not that any of the individuals are bad, just trapped in a system where communication is almost nil.

Right now I visit an elderly person that was in ICU because of a hospital superbug, and then sent over to a medical hospital. The meds given in ICU were meant for that situation only, but they kept giving the same meds because no one recorded a STOP order on them. I have had to challenge the doctor to stop those meds, and also challenge the staff in their care giving.

Were I an untrained person with no medical knowledge the meds would be continued and the deterioration in health blamed on age and failing health. Most people do not have an advocate and many die because of this horrible system with its over prescribing of drugs. It is heart breaking and it keeps me fighting this system. We have no choice, do we?