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Comment: As a Christian myself

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As a Christian myself

My answer to your questions is: Absolutely yes, an atheist can be a patriot. No question about it in my mind.

Do atheists love freedom? Do atheists love their family and friends? Do atheists want to keep what they earn? Just because they don't believe in God in no way affects their ability to love or fight for the things mentioned above and therefore be a patriot.

If you truly embrace freedom than you must embrace others that differ from your opinion.

You cannot KNOW that an atheist will not be found in heaven. Does judge not less ye be judged ring a bell?

Christ died for man's sin, all sins, so what makes you think that the turning away from God is not also a sin one can be forgiven for when they stand for judgement.

People, it is time to unite and focus on that which unites us and not that which divides us.