Comment: legitimate question, should be answered.

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legitimate question, should be answered.

It is possible for an atheist today to be a patriot, one that would not understand his philosophical foundation , but highly unlikely, why you might say? Well an atheist philosophical world view would be Darwinian philosophical social evolutionary theory, when applied to the real world it translated to communism, national socialism, fascism. The foundation for all secular endeavors is Darwinian. The natural evolutionary tendency for political systems is socialism, (note: Communist call themselves socialist, today's revival of communism in the West is relabeled as "Communitarianism". Whereas this nation was founded on the idea that there is a creator in which we are accountable to, and this creator has certain moral order as real as laws of nature. They believed that man in essence is corrupted by the fall in the Garden of Eden, that is why they established checks and balances in government that very much are ignored today. They believed man's natural tendency is towards power, power corrupts man, this is why government must be held in check.