Comment: Is it possible to be a Christian and a Patriot?

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Is it possible to be a Christian and a Patriot?

Thomas pain describes Patriots as those who Protect their Country from their Gov't. Seems to me the RNC and DNC is full of 'Christians' who do a lot of Protecting the Gov't from their Country.

I grew up disliking Christianity (not Christians per se) because I was taunted by children and adults about my recently deceased brother going to Hell because my family were not Christians. Adults and peers were quite nasty about the whole thing. I grew up Unitarian which described a Loving God and we greatly revered Christ, not because He was the ticket to Heaven, but rather His Teachings were. More importantly, His teachings were the ticket to a great Life, not a great Death.

It is difficult to find Christians today who practice what He preached. Instead most seem to focus on their Divine Right to heaven because they 'gave' themselves to Christ. To Hell with the rest of us no matter our contributions and generosity towards others.

What I find most odd about many Christians, including the author of this post, is that they are very eager to claim their reward in Death by just giving up on what God created for us. Instead of practicing the Teachings of Christ and bringing about a culture that Christ would be proud of, they Pray for The End and invite the Savior of their Souls to come destroy what they could do little with.

God surely must be impressed with those who so easily ask for Forgiveness, and have to do so often because they can't seem to stop the Behavior that require Forgiving.

If everyone followed a Libertarian Philosophy (i.e. Christ's Teachings almost to the letter) then Christ could return to a Peaceful world worthy of His presence.