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Nah, I don't think he left

I think it was the "heat" of the moment more than anything, and some of us here are more easily triggered than others. Broke my heart as well when he mentioned his wife and dog, which by the way, my deepest condolences to your losing Petey as well. It's the one part of life I really wish we didn't have to deal with.

You're absolutely right in that we "LET" ourselves do or say things we sometimes later regret. We "LET" ourselves get offended and angry, sometimes over really trivial petty things. Hopefully one can walk away better from this. Glad you cleared the air as I don't know if he's accepted your apology or not(not my business).

As you pointed out, as have I in other comments here, we are all on the same team regardless of differences. In the last couple of days, a number of posts have popped up regarding "tolerance" and "touchy issues" per say. Hey, at the very least people are talking and hopefully it serves a purpose of finding common ground, because all of this stuff only serves to divide, and ultimately control us. It was indeed my intent for this thread, but you saw how quickly that turned south - "HIJACKED!" LOL

Not sure on what you meant by "hidden warnings" dducks, as I only sent you the one link?

I appreciate the lesson in embedding. Just tried it to test it out, but 5 lines came up so I deleted it. Stay well