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The problem is limiting

The problem is limiting immigration doesn't increase demand for local labor in the long run. Capital chases the cheap labor. In the short term sure.. it takes time to move capital goods like factories. But that same inertia will end up scerwing you when you realize your mistake and want to tempt the capital back.

To understand the economic effects properly it helps not to consider labor as a special kind of resource. In economic terms it isn't.

Yes automation does improve productivity, but so does cheap labor:)

Cheap labor means more goods produced which means lower prices which means increased purchasing power. Yes the Fed in turn steals that increased purchasing power through inflation which scerws workers, and again, corporations use government to keep out competition, which drives down demand for labor (fewer employers) which scerws workers.

But the seeming solution of in turn using government to limit competition for labor is doomed and ultimately does exactly the opposite of what you want, which is increased purchasing power, ie a greater share of wealth for the working man.

This goal I enthusiastically support!

If you want to help labor as much as possible, end the fed, and strip government of the power to provide protective legislation to corporations.

Yes I realize how hard that is to accomplish, but it's the best and only solution in the long run.

I will agree that if you have to fund the government it certainly seems facially attractive to do it with means, such as tariffs, that also protects wages, but ultimately these means must and will fail and the dislocation will be greater for the attempt.

I can even forgive those who don't care about a decade down the line as they have more immediate concerns.. "At least I'll get mine now I may be hit by a bus next week" or as Keynes said "In the long run we're all dead" but you should be aware wage protection policy will make things worse for workers in the medium and long run.