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I should also add, a very

I should also add, a very easy way to tell which market sectors receive government protection is to look at profit margins. If you have a free market profit margins always tend to decrease and equalize. A high profit margin will naturally attract capital from lower profit margin sectors which increases competition in that sector and drives them down.

Historically when we had a more free economy margins hovered around 4-5%.

Today we see insanely high profit margins in certain sectors that are being maintained. This should attract competition! Greed should force those margins back down as capital floods those high profit sectors in search of gains. This is how capitalism is supposed to work.

You don't have to speculate that these sectors, like health care or big ag, are receiving government protection for their markets. You know they are from the margins they get. Knowing that you merely need find the mechanism of the protection.

Whatever the mechanism the result of this protection is lower wages and fewer jobs. What has happened is the government power is diverting natural greed from profit seeking towards rent seeking. They thus destroy capital (including wages) rather than build capital (including wages).

So long as the government has the power to protect capital, capital will own government. That is the iron law of fascism. Once you grasp that, the solution is clear. End fascism. We should start with the essential tool of fascism, the central bank.