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Thanks you are very helpful

So far as the end time video..I watched at overfour of them and went back to grab one to point out that odd things are happening. I always thought the plagues and tribulations of the End Time were acts of God on people turning away from God instead of turning to GOd. Never dreamed man would speed up and facilitate his own destruction to the extent some people are indicating. I don't even know if the video I picked is one of the ones with all the sonic booms being heard all over the world, but I know they all had the massive fish and birds dying. Your right there may be newer ones out.I will go check out that you tube channel... The waves hitting the Hoover Dam on the old 50 dollar bill has me disturbed ...That and I didn't know they embedded bombs into the structure. I just feel like blaming these stations for global warming and start any movement real or not to have them all shut down..sigh