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In a pyramid scam, more than one person profits

You're implying that in a pyramid scam only 1 person benefits from all those below. That's not at all true.

Let's look at a classic pyramid scam; "the gifting club". In a gifting club is it only 1 person who profits off everyone elses loss? No. Those who were already part of the scam profit, not just one person.

In a pyramid scam, showmanship equals profit for those who are already a part of the scam. That's why the Daily Paul is now filled with wannabe P. T. Barnum's. The profit comes from newcomers investing in the scam. You profit at their expense. They view Liberty mided people as the suckers they need to fund their pyramid scam.

Until we start arresting these BitConners, there will always be somebody who's claiming BitCoin is more than a just pyramid scam and that it has value, even if it's less than 1 penny. How much would you invest in order to pretend you're innocent and BitCoin was never just the two bit scam it was?

I say we use racketeering laws to shut down these con-men. I have no problem using force and taking a conman's liberty.