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Comment: "Dredd Scott" Perfectly said.

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"Dredd Scott" Perfectly said.

"Dredd Scott" Perfectly said. Or perhaps innocent Americans being put in concentration camps in the 1940's is an even more apt argument. How was the US government able to determine which Americans were of Japanese descent in order to deprive them of their civil liberties? Oh yes, they simply consulted their illegally expanded federal registry (ie, the Census). Any serious gun owner who actually follows politics is NOT a member of the NRA or the compromises the NRA has made. From my experience most NRA members think they know what the NRA stands for, but upon further discussion its obvious the NRA is not defending their inalienable god\natural given rights (which have been re-iterated in the Bill of Rights). Gunowners of America has really got their act together. Pennsylvania is surrounded by gun-grabbing states but has always done a decent job to protect it citizens rights. Toomey has been a real disappointment both fiscally and fundamentally understanding his oath of office.

Maybe when the polls say 99.9% of the people want their government to keep databases on their guns they can bring Larry back on to explain to the lawmakers and media that America is a Republic and not a Democracy. In a Republic, the government is responsible for protecting the rights of the MINORITY, not the majority. There are just some fundamental rights that are not open to mob rule not matter how bad the mob really, really, really wants to.