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Comment: Why stop at only buying products made in USA?

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Why stop at only buying products made in USA?

I'm helping the economy even more than you are b/c I only buy products made in my own State. Why send that money to Ohio when we need that money here at home? But then I realized that by buying from anywhere in my State I was hurting the people in my local town that also sell the same now I only buy from manufacturers based in my town. That still seemed unfair, so now I only buy products made on my own street. There aren't many choices when it comes to electronics but I do get a pretty good deal on cucumbers and horse manure. I'm getting pretty sick of horse shit but I still want to help our economy so I've now decided to only by products made by people who live in the same house as me. We are all pretty hungry and cold but at least no one can say I'm not doing my part for prosperity!