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thank you weebles...

You are doing the bitcoin economy a huge favor.

Seriously man, I admire your continual skepticism.

People like you are what are going to fortify the bitcoin economy... Yeah, you are absolutely right in that mtgox has too much power (as well as the other top exchange companies).

We need to keep it P2P decentralized Like IT was designed to be.

(It is, I believe, either lazy or new/ignorant people that flock to mtgox) There are plenty of alternatives (I have never personally, and will never use an exchange company- and If I ever have to for some outstanding reason I would not use any of the most used.)

As for me I am pushing on to better the bitcoin economy, I am not going to go back to ben.

The only currency I feel uneasy about holding is FRNs.

I love Gold, Silver, and BitCoins each for its unique features. And I have noticed that they all complement one another where the other lacks...

Thank you Weebles... I hope bitcoiners take our concerns seriously and leave mt gox for good and exchange companies whenever possible.

"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees