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...even some fundamentalists, who see all the nauseating ecumenism going on, are starting to delineate between the political state of Israel, and people!

We have to use the adjective "political" to describe/probe what Israel Christians and Republicans.are.talking about....zionism is all that...a deceptive religion, created in the mold of the religion Christ's deity and truth and fulfillment of prophecy THREATENED; it is a man-made, man-centered, counterfeit of the PURE religion(belief in a Creator higher than Caesar that Thomas Jefferson even understood)!

Zionism is perpetuated by/authored by arrogant and conceited, self-congratulatory erudite scholars filled with man's wisdom and deceit; their hearts are black as charcoal, and they are of the intellectual lineage of the Scribed, Pharisees, and Saduccees Christ lambasted in Matthew 23, for leading people right into hell via exterior religiosity!!!