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Long over due

“The Con Con (confidence scheme con game) that happened in 1787 was a censored, Gag Ordered, closed door, dirty compromise, and Crime being made Legal by Criminals who volunteered to be Criminals and then they "volunteered" all their targeted victims to be slaves.
You, again, can't find another person on Planet Earth able to write that last sentence, but a Modern Day Patrick Henry, or George Mason can confirm the actual fact of the matter.
You tell me.”

You are the first person who ever said words like those to me. However, they were not that strong to begin with. I have added that quote to Joe Quotes II
“A Congress meets to solve the Enemy Foreign and Domestic Problem, and when the Congress decides on action, they decide to create a Democratic Federated Republic, and it works, and the enemies are no longer paid so well, both foreign and domestic.
What is the problem of a Congress having a meeting to solve a problem?
You tell me.”

I suppose it would be a problem if the congress solves the problem in a way in which they were not authorized. I suppose it might also be a problem if the congress places the burden of the resolution of the problem on an involuntary group of people.