Comment: It's not surprising. I wished

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It's not surprising. I wished

It's not surprising. I wished they could have pressed the lady that said she would "never vote for him" as to why.

Honestly, I wish Rand would have said something crazy like this:

"You know, instead of bailing out the banks and military contractors, what if we had given that money back to everyday people through tax relief, small business, and college loans / grants? Could you imagine the impact that would have had? Not just on America, but on the African American community. Could you imagine if the interest rates were higher so you could actually save money? Instead, all the Democrats and the Republicans did was squander it on the rich and make it easier for you to go into more debt.

Now, you probably know I'm not a fan of bailouts or debt. But that said, if we're going to blow a bunch of money and go into debt, why the hell didn't we help the African American community still so disproportionately affected by the sins of our ancestors not that long ago. Why did we let corporations, who failed, get bailed out while people didn't? I'm not a socialist, but that doesn't even sound like good socialism to me? And that was the Democrats who've pushed that for the past five years.

I'm not trying to get your vote today. I certainly don't expect it nor do I think that our talk today warrants you changing your vote. You have every right to be skeptical towards me and the Republican party. We've done a terrible job when it comes to African Americans, not just in the most recent election, but since the 1960s. We used to be the party of civil rights and abolition. I do hope we can rebuild that. Those of us who believe in free markets understand what competition can do. It makes once-monopolies, work harder and remember who they serve. Now, it's time for the Republican party to give the Democrats some competition. If you can find reason in your heart to root for me at all, maybe that's where you can start. Thank you."